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On a late September's afternoon...







I am in love! Fluttering heart, swooping sensations in the pit of my stomach, weak knees.... a true crush that has gone on for years, now. The object of my affection? Brahms' music. Not the man - his music! Even more, his music played in a true, sensitive and unaffected style. Oh, my! Melts me to water, it does!

I've played the piano since I was 5. My technical skill isn't always stunning - sometimes but, generally, not! I rather play like Elizabeth Bennet as opposed to Marianne Dashwood - cleverly slurring over certain parts instead of playing them as clearly as I can hear in my head - but I do play with great sensitivity. ;) A couple of years ago, I put my singing and piano aside. I felt so drained and torn apart by the amount of creative courage I was pouring out and decided to focus on my photography alone. I have missed it a bit but it's felt so distant. Then, this past Christmas, I tuned my piano (one needs to be able to play carols, at least) and, as I played my first chords, my heart broke. I miss creating music with an ache! The moment I started playing again, our home and my life seemed to come alive in a precious way. I hadn't realized how dull my life had become without it.

Playing music - singing with my voice or my piano - it washes my brain, stirs my soul, elevates the nobility of my life, creates a texture of beauty to my days, it quiets me! I'm just so happy to have found this bit of myself - my soul - again!

"For there is nothing lost but may be found... if sought."



Clara Schumann in a letter to Johannes Brahms...

After the first delicate enchanting movement of your first sonata for violin and piano, and then the second, you can imagine my delight when, in the third movement, I found my beloved melody again . .. I say MINE because I don't believe there is another person who can experience this melody as both blissful and melancholy as I do -- the deepest and most tender strings of the soul vibrate to such music.

Brahms to Clara...

The thought of my violin sonata proceeding gently and dreamily under your fingers is so beautiful. By rights, I should have to inscribe all my best melodies, 'Really by Clara Schumann.'

from Out of the Shadows a play from Minnesota Public Radio



I wish I could write to you as tenderly as I love you and tell you all the good things that I wish you. You are so infinitely dear to me, dearer than I can say... If things go on much longer as they are at present I shall have sometime to put you under glass or to have you set in gold. If only I could live in the same town with you and my parents... Do write me a nice letter soon. Your letters are like kisses.

Johannes Brahms in a letter to Clara Schumann (31 May 1856)