Chocolate Box Girl!



I can just see God at the easel, the day He created Meara! I think He was in a good mood - a rare, chuckling, loving, eyes crinkled with pleasure, mood. And when He was done - in the flow of His creativity, with a smile, He put the finishing dab with his paintbrush on her chin - ping! A beauty mark that Marie Antoinette would have died for! The piece de resistance about Meara is how down to earth,  practical and comfortable she is and this is why we had every intention of photographing her in earthy browns with a dash of sweet. I kept calling her 'my woodpile girl' because we were going to photograph her in front of the pile of logs we had in our yard and with the dried, brown grasses and flowers in this beautiful November world. But, as fate would have it, I couldn't get around the fact that she was transforming into something Parisian - right before my very eyes - cute as a chocolate box!!! We did get a few wonderful pictures in front of the round ends of the wood and that will be 'Part B' of this post which I'll share later this week. In the meantime, here's some gorgeous, sparkling, down to earth sweetness!!