Little Sargeant Johnny Jr.



This past spring, I got to photograph a friend's one month old son - little baby Johnny! Oh! How charming and sweet and good tempered he was!! What a lovely time I had visiting with Mommy and, oh, how fascinated he was with the black thing in my face - really enthralled! A guy after my own heart! =) The only curious thing was that I hadn't quite realized just how much he looks like his Papa - Big Sargeant Johnny, Sr. - spittin' image!  It's sort of hard to explain but it made me somewhat nervous to be editing photos of what looked like a man that I only know as an acquaintance. Well, to own the truth, I think it's the sense of leadership, of 'no nonsense' and the air of responsibility that he naturally carries with him - very genuinely confusing to behold in baby form! ;) Of course, I only had to apply myself to remember that these photos really came from a very sweet morning spent with one charming, month old babe - love this little guy!!





and, oh, how this series of pictures just cracks me up...

"Who, me? Um... could you repeat the question?"



Let me think...


"blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...."


"er, I think...."