Nathan & Hailey



It was a few days after Christmas that Nathan & Hailey were married and only a few days after that that we had our first real snow. Since the honeymoon was scheduled for the balmier days of summer, the three of us decided that, instead of poking the fire, we would stir our spirit of adventure to brave the clearing storm for some more pictures. Out into the frigid world we trudged as the early afternoon light flew away into dusk. Phrases from Christmas songs sprung to mind...

'walking in a winter wonderland '

was one, of course, but, even more apt:

"Over the river, and through the wood-

oh, how the wind does blow!

It stings the toes and bites the nose..."

Hoo, Baby! It was cold!!!

The snow drooped heavily on the tree branches like melted marshmallow as the low clouds sledded swiftly along over head and our feet seemed to suck up deep depths of icy cold from the hard, frozen ground.

It made the warmth of the inn that we came back to such a relief and the hot chocolate absolutely delicious... though it took time to thaw the cold out of our bones!! and, then, Such a lovely, long visit afterwards...

A very special memory!

Happy one year anniversary, you two!

With Love....