Anne of Green Gables


For a long time I've wanted to photograph these two sisters. Their beautiful, natural spirit and goodness always shine out to me. The field was perfect and the season was ripe. We pow-wowed about what the girls were interested in - what they liked - and Anne of Green Gables was at the top of the list. I love Anne of Green Gables, too! And so it came to pass that on a lazy, late August afternoon, they came to my home with their mother and little brother and sister to play dress up. Later Dad joined and sat and visited with my husband while the kids ran through the fields and round the barns and up and down the hill into the night. I can still hear the echoes of the excited yelling and laughter of our children underscored by the mellow, happy rumbles of the adults visiting. Truly - honestly - a memory I'll never let go of!