Lighten up!


I have been in a classical piano kind of mood since I turned away from the Christmas music in the new year. I feel like my psyche is dwelling somewhere in Europe - turn of the last century - with Ravel and Brahms, in particular. It's a very refreshing and muted mood - a quiet and mentally stimulating mood. Of course, naturally, I hope that my feelings will show up in my images.

I've also been taking part in a still life challenge headed up by Christina Greve called 'slow down with stills'. There is a weekly word prompt that reflects and encourages us to live more meditatively and mindfully. It's a lovely thing - this project. This weeks prompt was 'let go'.

Of course, there are so many things that we could let go of, I mean, I've only seen the movie 'Frozen' once but I constantly sing that famous line to myself - all.the.time. How long was that a joke? For a year or more? The idea and feeling isn't new. So, what do I say that doesn't sound like a cliche? Well, the truth that I see clearly is that I need to let go of expectations - the ones put on me from others but, even more importantly, the ones that I put on myself.

I had a definite idea for the mood for these bouquets - the color of the flowers was speaking to me - but, to be quite honest, I was frozen with fear when I thought about photographing them. You say, "Why? Really? Frozen with fear?" Yes! You see, there's so much unknown when one sets out on a creative endeavor - big or small! I think the biggest fear that I have is that I won't be able to express all of the beautiful things that I feel inside of me. I'm afraid that I won't have the visual words to express myself and that I will have failed - fallen short! I'm afraid that I will have disappointed myself - and not reached the beautiful vision I imagined.

It's all silliness, of course! All I need to do is try and, whether it's good or not, I learn and grow. Not to mention, I have a lovely time staring at flowers (always good for the soul. ;) ) It makes me think of Edison and his thousands of failures that led to his brilliant inventions. You know.... 'the joy is in the journey!'

So, what I will practice with this year (and always) is to let go of my anxiety of what the result will be and find joy in the doing! It's not a new lesson but a renewed one. To be happy where I'm at - in the moment. Because.... life is beautiful - every ticking moment of it!