56 Years


This post is a bit of an inside 'story' - one for my church family and friends! John & Betty are dear, dear friends of mine and they have just recently celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary!! I've known John & Betty since before my boys were born. (Going on 20 years, now?) I think that I first met them when I would jump ship as the Baptist Pastor's wife and go down to the Episcopal church, very early, on Wednesday mornings to pray, read the bible and celebrate communion with a small, tight knit group. Those were such encouraging and special times!! Such great fellowship and closeness!! It went on for several years but, alas, needing to feed babies early in the morning finally prevented me from going. Since then, John & Betty have been the dearest and most faithful of friends, mentors, prayer partners and confidantes! How can I even begin to describe it????? It feels so silly even trying.

Although these images are set up in my living room in the makeshift studio that I created for my ballerinas of the last post, it isn't really staged at all. Reading the bible and praying together is so completely natural for us all - we knew just what to do and, well, this time, I just threw in taking pictures! ;) and, much to my joy, there it is! Just the way they are - I've seen these expressions and attitudes from them a million times.

It brings a tear to the eye!!!