Comfort food!

We got our first frost, last night. I could see out our bedroom window, this morning, that, up on the hill, the normally yellow hay that was tethered yesterday and is waiting to be bailed today, was white with it. Actually, since the beginning of September, even while we were enjoying the last fruits of the harvest, my fingers and toes have been unrelentingly cold. It was wonderful that, last night, we also had our first fire of the season. I toasted myself and then skipped upstairs and got under the pile of quilts as quickly as I could!

Don't you just love how homey and comfortingly cozy this time of year is?!!! =]

This season calls for comfort food!

Like herbed apricot pork loin roast! =]

I love this recipe because it is made in the slow cooker. The slow cooker always makes me feel as if someone else is cooking for me! and this recipe is so delicious that I can even serve it when we have company, which leaves me the space I need to get so much else done in the meantime.

The recipe is from a score of a find - a Better Homes and Gardens special publication from a few years back -if you can believe it! Homey, indeed! Here is the recipe: herbed apricot pork loin roast