Hey, hey dragonfly....

"Come a little closer, dragonfly
Settle down with me a little while
I'm turning off the phone and enterprise
I could use your company, all right

Come a little closer, dragonfly
Little sapphire slipping through the sky
Between the skaters and the fishing lines
My, my, my dragonfly

Hey, hey dragonfly
I'd like to stare into your big bug eyes
Get a closer look at your fine wings
Think about some fleeting, pretty things
Hey, hey, hey dragonfly
Hey, hey, hey dragonfly

Come a little closer, dragonfly
I love the quiet air you occupy
I'm sitting down right here, right now, alone
To hear the river lapping at the stone

Hey, hey, dragonfly
I'd like to ride with you tonight
Take in your show, take up your life
Dragonfly, I really like your style"

~"Dragonfly" by Fernando Ortega

This was one of my boys' favorite songs when they were little. =]

I've been humming it, just lately, because I've had a rough couple of weeks getting my images ready to sell, this autumn. This 'enterprise' has really been an intense uphill toil. Over and over again, I've felt like I've needed to, somehow, pull knowledge and resources out of thin air. I've wished for a magic hat more than once! But, then, the orders for mats and prints and business cards were in - and a general business plan was made - photos were carefully tweaked and ready for printing - and the fog cleared and I see how much I've learned - how much I've done. The view is grand!!! =]

Oh, I'm so happy! There were several times that I had the desire to just stop trying and a few moments of frustrated tears (I'd seem so close and, then, more walls to scale would suddenly loom up) but, then, I couldn't help but just persevere - it's something that I really want to do - and the effort spent was worth it!!!

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

and, by the way....

thank you, Ed - wherever/whoever you are - the helpful man at the other end of the phone line with SO much knowledge and experience - so calmly and CLEARLY explained! (Why was everyone keeping it a secret? or.... did they not know....) You'll very most likely never see this but you've made me appreciate, once again, that the kindness of a mellow stranger is a beautiful thing!

 Anyway. =]

These are images taken over the summer. The dragonflies are still around, though, and it was restorative to go out into the garden, yesterday, and to just settle down and spend some quality time sitting in the flowers with the buggies.... and, my camera!

(you know, you can see more detail by just clicking on the image... =])

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It's a bug eat bug world but (thank goodness) I'm not a bug!!!

Damselflies have beards - 'who knew'? ;-)

(Must be Larry the Cucumber's 'Aunt Ruth'!  heh, heh. ahem ....er.... sorry! another obscure reference from my boys' early years - Veggie Tales! =])