When I first started seriously learning about photography - so timid and unsure - I met one of the kindest men I've ever come in contact with. He was so encouraging and, after taking a look at my home blog, suggested that I should adopt the motto, "shooting from the heart." It was an insightful observation and has reminded me over and over again as I pursue images, that I do this because I just love it - I want to express a bit of what I see with my heart. (So, thank you, Gareth!!! =])

Well, now, here I am wanting to get a motto going to put on my 'calling' cards and I'm a bit stuck! The word "Shooting" has a connotation that doesn't really quite fit with the nature of my photographic style, no? So, for a week now, I've been tending to my housework muttering phrase after phrase under my breath and discarding one after the other that just doesn't work as well.... 'Perceiving from the heart!?'... Nope! ...'Observing from the heart!?'... Not that one, either! How about 'RIGHT from the heart'... or 'STRAIGHT from the heart'? Not really! Sigh! Perhaps, just, "from the heart!"???

When I looked in the Thesaurus I came up with this moving little ditty:

Main Entry:
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: frank
Synonyms: aboveboard, apparent, artless, call a spade a spade, candid, direct, downright, easy, familiar, flat-out, forthright, free, from the hip, guileless, heart-to-heart, honest, ingenious, lay it on the line, like it is, man-to-man, matter-of-fact, naive, natural, open, outright, outspoken, plain, plain-spoken, real, saying what one thinks, scrupulous, sincere, straight, straight-out, straightforward, transparent, truthful, unconcealed, undisguised, uninhibited, unreserved, unrestricted, up front, upright

This is good for all of life! =] and, some of this, I am! Some of it, I want to be more like!

But speaking photographically.....

I would love my images to be artless, easy, familiar, free, guileless, honest, heart-to-heart, naive, natural, sincere, transparent.... I'm getting there! =]

So, whatever I, eventually, come up with for a catch phrase, "shooting from the heart" is always going to really be my aim!

What's in my heart-scope, at the moment, is that autumn, in her artless way, has been muted, cozy and vintage feeling - subtly gorgeous, this year!