Words can be so elusive...

Yup! That's right! I have no idea what to say.... hmmm...

Oh! I know!

Just a very few scattered thoughts...

There is this old, wild rose bush that [used to] run rampant down by the shed. It was a bit of a monster but a sweet, delicate, gorgeous, fragrant monster.... that grew like billy-bonkers every year. Tom attempted to remove it, apparently. When it's not in bloom it just blends into the general, overwhelming greenness of summer and it took me a while to realize that it wasn't there anymore. I think it will come back, though! =]

The thing is, when it blooms, every single time I walk out the door, my subconscious has to figure out why life is so heavenly. When it blooms, there's a delicate scent on the air that must reach all the way to the pond.

When I photographed the roses on the book, I thought that I would use the print in my Mom's old Cassell's French dictionary for scale but, afterwards, I realized that this is a silly thing to do - the print is TINY!

Life is very pleasant, these days.

and that's what I'm thinking.


(working on adding words to an image in Photoshop through Kim Klassen's skinny-mini class. =])