Happy Easter!

There is a photo competition at a new blog that I've found,  www.rocktheshotforum.com/.  It's been very inspirational and encouraging - full of good advice!!

I took this photo a year ago (when we had something, actually, growing outside =P) but I've only just brought some artistic vision to it this monh. It is a blossom from my weeping cherry tree and was a complete joy to create because I felt like the style and feeling that I wanted to communicate was clear to me and my skills in Lightroom could just flow right out of that. It really, actually, felt like I was painting with watercolor! It was a complete joy to be in that creative zone!
'Joy' and 'flow' - that's the word for it and, Ladies, wouldn't you just love to have a chiffon dress like this?!?! =)

And, we shall see what we shall see and, in the meantime, I hope that this image brings a moment of refreshment and peace to you!

Happy Easter!!!