I know, dear friends, that you would be incapable of laughing at me if I told you that, after my last cheery post about 'surviving winter' (which I wrote, last Monday, when much of our snow was gone - during which, as I wrote my last flourish, I saw my first robin -  during which I had the knowledge that we were expecting a little bit of spring snow the next day... you know... to help green up the grass....)

...I just know that you would never laugh at me if I told you that, the very next morning, we woke up to eight inches of snow and still heavily precipitating till there was a full foot of the white stuff.

Happily, I've been practicing what I preach and had already applied several of the antidotes to the winter blues that I had listed.

For example, retail therapy.... craving the ability to back up from my subjects to get a wee bit more negative space and still retain a low dof, I purchased the nifty fifty f1.8 which has been a serious relief from my dilemma! I could never have taken these images (without hovering, that is) with the nifty sixty. So, here we are! Very happy!

Also, after a tentative start of finding my way around Photoshop, Sarah Gardener's book has pried open the world of creativity in that medium for me. 'I feel like the old time, maritime Captain who, when asked where he was going, replied, "Sir, I am restricted to the ocean!"' (~ Sidlow Baxter - Scottish preacher - friend of Eric Liddel of Chariots of Fire fame - you know, from that gang - preaching on the Holy Spirit.)


Beyond that, I am in love with her style, feel and COLORS. Her images are an infusion of spring in my eyes and heart!

In the meantime, this is the first image that I've attempted for the word prompt 'green' for the year long challenge that I've taken on with Eva Ricci. It's not VERY green, is it? but, to me, it embodies the spirit of the word...

~ Natural, spring, alive and growing, hopeful, refreshing. ~

I am, also, participating in Mary's 'Inspiration Thursday', this week (and a little late), and the word prompt is 'round'. Alas, next week's prompt is 'fence' and all of the fences that I know of around here are buried in grungy piles from the snow plow. But, I just know you wouldn't laugh at me saying that after my last post.... ;-)

nest 'au natural'

delicate f1.8 - just because I CAN! ;-) =)

Would you please help me, though. Which one do you like best? I'm leaning towards the first one because I'm a creative chicken!

and I hope you have a wonderful spring weekend!!