Almost out of sugar! (Thank goodness!)

It seems like winter was a happily productive cocoon but spring has been a positive mad dash!!

The list of the burden of wonderful things that have been going on is here: 

Life's been sweet!

It's all been good!!


The last of the big projects ends tomorrow evening with the artist's reception for a photography show of my very own photos at our local library. FUN!! =) It's been such an amazing thing to put together - a very, very good experience and I've learned a thing or two along the way! ;) All in all, it's been a fascinating little journey and, as it's all coming together, very nice to see my work in one place like that. And, you know.... I've been thinking.... perhaps I do have a style, after all - I can see it there in front of me! Well, well!! =D

So, I genuinely hope that the time tomorrow evening is light, bright and fun - refreshing with lots of laughter!

and, then.... after that.... aaaaahhhhh! =)

It's almost summer vacation and there's family and friends, gardening and home, a few adventures to be had and, of course, more time to actually focus on photography!!

I'm getting giddy - almost there!!!

Can't wait!!!! =)


psssst...!! At the moment, you may notice that a few things are a wee bit different on this page, eh? Well, I'm still working on it; so, just ignore the tiny bits of mess. ;) Thank you!! =)

Oooo! Exciting times! =D