Many Thanks!

Time is flowing so extremely fast, these days, it seems!

I remember, once, I had this revelation. The way to make time slow down is to slow down myself - to not do too much. It works - it really does! ;) There are some seasons, however, that are just busy. And, these days, I feel like I'm in a season where the techno-era is about to swallow me whole. I've seen it before - friends disappearing without a trace when they first knuckle down to learn Photoshop - and, it's been something like that and more for me. I've been spending so much time on the nuts and bolts - on the mechanical and I've been learning so much!!! But, at this point, I'm quite thirsty to focus on the lovelier parts of life!!!!!!

Well, it won't last forever with me - I'll rebel eventually!

In the meantime, before spring is over, I should tell you....

I so appreciate all of you who follow along, who take an interest in me and this little blog, here, who are such encouraging and kind friends!!! I can't tell you how much it makes me smile - how much it means to me - to read your comments and thoughts and well-wishes!!!

It means a ton and I don't care if the blog redo is ready or not - time is slipping away and I need to tell you...

you are so appreciated!!!