I think that it has been an almost unspoken understanding in all of blogdom, Facebookdom and even flickrdom, that it is time for all of us to be out living our lives and enjoying the summer. And, at the moment, I think that most of us are too focused elsewhere to even share about it. I know that's what it's been like around here, anyway.

We have 'big goings on', here, in our home.... we're deep cleaning and reorganizing the whole house in anticipation of the new space in the attic being done, a new laundry room, etc., etc., etc. Hopefully, all three boys will be moving into their very own boy caves by the time school begins in a month. We're getting so close!! Also, in a funny way, even though it's been a lot of work, all of our projects seem to have pulled us together as a team. I mean, for the most part, there hasn't been any bickering, the boys get right to work with a will and there hasn't been much 'getting on each other's nerves'... I mean, really! Go figure!! I don't know... I think that we're all just excited and the change feels really, really good.

Happy times!! =)

Right, now, though, my oldest is at the dentist (yes, it's a sad cavity!) and the other two are down by the pond with the dogs where we've set up the tent. I think they'll be trying to sleep there, again, tonight. Last time they tried, Chubbs kept getting extremely excited about something just outside the tent. Tom and I rather think that it's either the deer or the turkeys with their brood OR that dog's over-active imagination! So, this time, they're prepped to tell the dog to just lie down and go to sleep, for heaven's sake! And they're loaded with extra firewood, pop tarts and hot chocolate mix for the very chilly morning so that, perhaps, if we're lucky, this time, mom and dad can sleep in past five a.m.!!

So, needless to say, we've relaxed into summer.

Actually, it's so quiet around here...

...it usually is around this season...

my favorite time of year!!!!

I'm feeling nostalgic and, oh, so happy.... even though the memories are being made right now.