Leah and Phil

They met at a picnic when they were sixteen during the pie eating contest. He looked at the skinny girl next to him and thought, "no problem! I'll win this hands down!" Little did he realize the determination, talent and all around Tiggery gusto of that sweet young lady! His dad said at the wedding that he saw it all coming, then - that they would fall in love - but they just saw laughter and friendship. They went off to college and a few years, lots of experiences and a bit of growing up later, they came back to find that, not only were they best friends but... in love!!!

Doesn't get any sweeter nor any more romantic than that, eh?!

(heh, heh! ;) )

A month after their August wedding, they did me the favor of getting all dressed up again so that I could take pictures.

Thanks, you two!! That was so very much fun!!! and how does one explain? ...it was such a privilege!