I've been away for such a loooong, looooong time, it seems! But there's been a good reason for that! As a matter of fact - wow - do I have news!!

Um, but I don't have time, today. Today, I need to wish you a very happy Valentine's Day (coughweekinourhouse)!!

But, to do this properly, I need to lead you to where the rest of the chocolate is....

it's on my NEW SITE!!!

Oh, my GOODNESS!!!

I've been working tirelessly (well, alright, sometimes I was a melted lump of chocolate, weeping on the floor and unable to go on.... ;) )

but, well, alright...

I've been working on it almost nonstop since the middle of November!

So that's a big half of the news I have for you! =)

In the meantime, will you, pretty, pretty, PRETTY please come and visit me?! =)

I'm, now, here:

or, to go to my blog directly:

I would just be ecstatic to see you there!!