English roses, old china and beautifully set tables, glittering with candles! The sparkle of stars in a friend's eyes when their heart is in their face and illuminated with their thoughts!! Music that makes my heart sing! These are just some of the things that I love! Being lost in the world of a good book, my morning mug of coffee cradled in my hands, or... a lazy afternoon, curled up deep in the cushions of my couch with a good BBC period drama (or Mystery!!) and a perfect cuppa. I love going to concerts, museums and unique and trendy restaurants or being glamorously dressed in an evening gown - ready to sing a solo and feeling like a princess (complete with butterflies in the stomach!) I love digging in the soil in my garden with birds singing and chipmunks inspecting my progress! A breeze kissing my face and blowing my hair or a howling gale that stirs the soul in wild ways, walks at dusk, sunny mornings and, really, everything in between - especially rain on the windowpane! I love baking bread and, generally, messing around in the kitchen (and eating the results!) and times around the kitchen table with my husband and three boys - laughing and laughing and laughing until the tears come and we're gasping for breath! Ticking clocks! Crackling fires! A lone bird singing outside my window! Stillness and being alive!

    Thinking of all these things... my thoughts go back to when I was a little girl. I remember sitting quietly and watching sunbeams for hours and observing the moments flowing by - second by split second... (yes, I was a very philosophical little girl!)  I, also, remember that, when I was five, I was Cinderella every single day. I would dress up in an old slip of my mom's that had a fluffy skirt that reached down to my ankles and I would run down our front steps, losing my 'glass' slipper over and over again (and no wonder - I'm sure it was a woman's sized shoe!) These days, life is a bit more sophisticated (that coffee and candlelight and a family that is all my own) but, as I'm thinking about it, it's still all just the same - only, now, I'm capturing those seconds and celebrating the light with my camera and letting my imagination and dreams hold sway within the frame! The shoe fits beautifully!