Nathan & Hailey ~ a winter wedding!



I've never photographed a wedding before. My camera is so ancient and it is the only one that I have. I have no extra gear - no fancy flashes; so, not feeling adequately equipped, when the chance has come along, I have always said, 'no!' But I love weddings!! I've been a bridesmaid several times, I've played the piano and organ for them and I've sung in them more times than I can count. I've helped with flowers and I've helped coordinate but I have never photographed a wedding before. Until this past Christmas week, that is! A wonderful chance came to 'co-photograph' the wedding of a lovely couple in our church with another friend and I have discovered the pure joy that is wedding photography!!

Nathan and Hailey are a beautiful couple! They're such a naturally complimentary team and they are SO romantic!!! They have a history that comes from a long friendship together which brings them an underlying depth and comfortableness that is a blessing to whomever their with. Quite frankly, I fell in love with them as I got to know them the month before and, then, was so privileged to be right in the thick of their day.

I, also, had the chance to go out with them into a snowy winter wonderland, a few days later, for a photo shoot. Those pictures are still to come. But, what's that, you say? Think spring? Well, since we're getting a foot of snow, right at this very moment, I thought that it could be helpful to embrace and rejoice in the last bit of winter being eked out on us. Sort of a 'winter's last fling'! ;)

and just a note: that is my husband, Tom, who officiated the wedding in our church and the painting of the horses pulling a sleigh in the snow was painted by my sister who is in the picture just before it. ;)

By the way, Nathan and Hailey kept their celebration simple in so many ways, yet, their love for detail made the day incredibly magical! Nathan and Hailey, I agree with you both. This was so much fun, I wish that you could do a wedding for each season - and I could photograph it! xxo